Beginners photography class

Become a better photographer in just 1 evening. Have you ever wondered why after spending hundreds of dollars on the latest cameras you still can't get photos you're really proud of? We're not talking about the party snapshots you post on Facebook, but stunning, well-exposed landscapes that can be considered fine art.

This 2.5-hour class is a crash course in digital photography taught in small groups of 20-25 students. You'll learn what all those knobs and dials on your DSLR do, the settings to use in any lighting condition, and what kind of camera to buy if you don't already have one. You'll understand concepts like exposure, aperture, depth of field, ISO and shutter speed, and probably never want to use the "automatic mode" again.

No prior experience or camera equipment is necessary to attend. Just a desire to improve your photography skills. Take this class for yourself or gift it to a friend who's got a photographic itch to scratch.

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Isla Studio also offers photo walks for students who have already taken the 3-hour Beginners Course. Click on one of the links below to find out more.

Adobe Lightroom Class

Isla Studio offers a class on digital asset management using Adobe Lightroom. This is independent of our other classes, and does not have any prerequisites.